Creating a world record NFT collage | 1200+ artists already on board 🚀

5.000 artists are uploading one artwork + a link to promote their work 

The resulting collaborated collage is minted as an NFT and auctioned

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Creating a world record NFT | 1200+ artists already on board 🚀

5.000 artists upload one artwork each + a link to promote their website

2. The resulting collaborated collage is minted as an NFT and auctioned on

3. Proceeds of the auction are distributed among all artists and CryxelNFT

CryxelNFT is a unique project that gives upcoming NFT artists visibility and traction on the market. 

In the last couple of months, stars like Beeple have made millions. Once you mint your first own NFT, you realize that not only demand for newcomer artist is fairly low, but also minting and auctioning costs are high. CryxelNFT wants to provide a competitive edge for you, the upcoming artists, by bundling our forces.

For this purpose, CryxelNFT holds a gridded canvas where every artist gets a space to showcase an art piece and provide a link to their website or social media. The upload is free for all artists. As soon as all 5.000 blocks are filled, the final art piece will be minted as an NFT and auctioned by CryxelNFT on or a similar platform – ideally Christie’s of course  

After the successful auction the auction’s net profit will be distributed equally amongst all artists (75%) and CryxelNFT (25%)

By ourselves we might not have what it takes to create the next Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Beeple. But what if thousands of us come together? With CryxelNFT, we wanted to create a space for Everyones: 5000 Peeple. Especially in a pandemic situation, when face-to-face collaboration is challenging more than ever, we truly believe that digital collaborations are infinitely more important.

Your CryxelNFT-Team